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Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Engineer - Weapons and Explosives Detection Systems

Scotts Valley, CA

For the established DSP Engineer with strong Matlab, C/C++, M-code and algorithm related development experience, this is the ideal setting to make an impact on the future direction and success of the commercial and Federal market products and most importantly, work on technology products that save lives!

How would you like to be a part of a team that could stop another Paris, San Bernardino, or Sandy Hook type tragedy? Are you interested in working on developing and advancing algorithms and data processing for cutting edge weapons and explosives detection systems? How about working with drones (multi-rotor, fixed wing and ducted fan) for mine and ordnance detection? For the established DSP Engineer with strong Matlab, C/C++, M-code and algorithm related development experience, this is the ideal setting to make an impact on the future direction and success of the commercial and Federal market products and most importantly, work on technology products that save lives!

Based in our Scotts Valley, CA headquarters, you will be exposed to challenging real-world problems that can be solved with your expertise and technical knowledge. We work together to solve our customer needs, in a relaxed, yet fast-paced environment. In addition to working with very cool and unique solutions, you will continue to enhance your technical skills while being on the forefront of innovation within our customer-driven environment where all of the products we develop are unique. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who has solid signal processing and algorithm creation skills to develop high performance, life saving products. BDS sensors include magnetic, pulse induction, centimeter wave RADAR, mmWave, optical, RF, VLF and others.

As our Matlab C- and M-code and related DSP programming expert, you will own the cutting edge algorithms for security products at BDS. You'll define, design and measure what can and should be done to successfully implement key Matlab features for DSP. You will have the freedom and flexibility to exercise your creative capabilities and skills.

As our DSP Programming Expert, in Scotts Valley, California, your first assignment will focus on the advancement of the signal processing and conditioning for existing sensors, subsystems and overall deployable systems - including design specifications and coding of rapid prototypes, all of which are key to our future success. For this critical project, you will leverage skills in Matlab, mathematics, fundamental sciences, numerical programming, DSP algorithms and usage, and commercial software development to ensure the right mix of feature sets and implementation mechanisms for this critical project. You will also have the freedom to express your creativity in developing new R&D technologies.

Your strong aptitude in technical programming will ensure that the BDS products provide the the most advanced solutions in the market. With a personal stake in the process, your commitment to quality will help us to generate solid, reliable products - that end users can literally trust with their lives. Strengths with Matlab, LabView, and other rapid development tools, along with analog-to-digital conversion techniques and signal conditioning methods would be a huge asset. Strong physics and mathematics background would put you at the top of list. Eligibility for a security clearance is highly desirable.

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Software Developer & Engineer (LabView)

Scotts Valley, CA

Do you like a challenge to "do the impossible" and create cutting-edge technology? To have a creative environment to develop new products and applications? Are you looking for a fast paced, exciting environment with a small company to work in?

If so, you're the Software Developer/Engineer & Architect we will look to for leadership in a variety of complementary programming roles: writing test data acquisition code and GUIs in LabVIEW, coding the underlying APIs, and innovating new products within the defense and security market. Our highly recognized group has been producing innovative products that are on the leading edge in the security industry for years. As our primary LabView guru developer, you will take our products and your career to new levels of success!

As our Scotts Valley, California-based Software Developer and Architect, one of your first objectives will be to design and implement the productized version of our novel weapons and explosives detection and pinpoint locationing system. The more expansive component of your job will be writing in LabVIEW, back-end signal processing and front-end GUIs that will visually identify the detected objects overlayed on real-time video captures. Familiarity with serial data input, drivers and firmware would be ideal and will allow you to write other sets product interfaces. A basic understanding of digital signal processing/conditioning and its association with LabVIEW will also enable you to contribute here. Your aptitude and proficiency with mathematics, DSP/conditioning, and algorithms will underscore your success in almost every facet of your work.

Practical project management skills will ensure that product technical goals are met and will assist with the coordination of cross-team support in order to complete project tasks on time and within budgetary guidelines. Working in both small teams and independently, your excellent communication skills, the ability to work together in a diverse skill set team, and your experience as a LabView guru will allow you to hit the ground running in this role. This is your opportunity to reap professional and intellectual rewards by playing a critical part in the successful integration of a vital product line.

Any prior experience with magnetic, RADAR, and pulse induction sensors would make you an ideal candidate for this tremendous career opportunity.

We love to hire veterans! Flexible work scheduling and benefits, too!

Related Keywords

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