World's First Intelligent Threat Detection Platform

Deployed by the military now commercially ready with unmatched throughput rate, specific signature detection and covert deployments that integrate with legacy systems.

About BDS

Broadband Discovery Systems (BDS) is a technology innovation company that has created groundbreaking, intelligent physical security, forensics and access control solutions that offer unique event detection and assessment capabilities for the marketplace. BDS technology is U.S. Government vetted and provides intelligent event detection by delivering actionable assessment information to users in commercial security, law enforcement, defense and military markets. BDS’ current and future generation software products support global safety and security initiatives through the development and delivery of leading edge sensor technology that can intelligently alleviate the risk of attacks.

Founded in 2006, BDS focuses its development efforts on the goal of delivering the most cost effective and highest quality sensor technology and maintains control of its core technologies in order to drive technical innovation. The Company currently has a strong intellectual property pipeline. Today, BDS technology is being used in a variety of sensor applications, automated threat assessment systems and integrated into system-of-systems products. BDS is partnered with systems integrators and U.S. government agencies providing commercial and public-sector applications, such as: access control, checkpoint security, perimeter protection, explosive device discovery and border protection, among others.

Cory Stephanson

President & CEO

Two decades of experience extending from academic research and faculty positions at post-secondary institutions to commercial enterprise startup, growth and management. Additionally experienced in law enforcement forensics and technology innovation for the United States Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. Primary solutions innovated include: the development and application of non-RF covert communications, unique capability physical security sensors, as well as intelligent system solutions for the detection and assessment of events of interest.


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