RONIN Has Taken Flight Storming Beaches and Finding Mines with the US Navy

“This technology will help Sailors and Marines who are approaching a beachfront to rapidly clear, or at least determine the location of, mines or other hazards that are in their way,” said ONR Command Master Chief Matt Matteson. “It could potentially save a lot of lives.”


During a recent demonstration at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Broadband Discovery Systems demonstrated the flexibility of its proprietary sensor technology with a rapidly deployable quadcopter based application to search for and detect buried or submerged mines.

The Office of Naval Research TechSolutions program tested a new Mine Warfare Rapid Assessment Capability (MIW RAC) which consists of a one-pound quadcopter outfitted with RONIN’s ultra-sensitive magnetometer sensor system to detect mines and provide real-time search data to a handheld Android device.

The Office of Naval Research adapted the ground-breaking technology of RONIN by incorporating its sensors onto a quadcopter capable of finding mines in shallow water or buried in beach sand.

This technology can help keep sailors and marines’ safe while approaching beach fronts to rapidly clear mines on their path. This innovative quadcopter based solution can quickly be thrown up in the air to survey an area ahead of troops or boats.


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RONIN Threat Detection Platform

The RONIN Threat Detection Platform is a smart walk through metal detector offering a threat analytics platform, software dashboard, location specific threat detection, reduced operational costs and high-volume patron throughput. Non-invasive passive scanning automatically pinpoints the location of a threat item on the patron’s front side, backside, bag or cavity; even when in a group. Data driven software based alerts provide assessment and classification Intel of detected threat event and can be pushed over the cloud to smart phone, tablet, or desktop. RONIN also supports multi-sensor fusion and assessments from sensor types such as seismic, acoustic, RF, ultrasound, thermal, RADAR, millimeter wave, chemical detectors, biometrics and more.


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