RONIN is Lab Tested by NCS4, a Leading Academic Institution in the United States in Sport Safety and Security

The RONIN Threat Detection Platform was evaluated by a select group of subject matter experts (SMEs) from the sports security domain. This group consisted of professionals from public safety, facility operations and emergency management. The collective group of SMEs had a base of experience that encompassed collegiate and professional sporting and major event safety and security operations.

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Specific functions and features of this product were evaluated around eight functional areas including Core Security & Detection Capabilities and Serviceability (insert your areas accordingly). See the full NCS4 report for a complete breakdown and analysis.

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About the NCS4 Lab

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at The University of Southern Mississippi has established a National Sports Security Laboratory (NSSL) to meet the operational and technological needs of venue operators and security personnel at sports venues.

The primary mission of this dedicated virtual National Sports Security Laboratory is to advance sports security by serving as a focal point offering:

  • Opportunities for security observation and practice;
  • Technology tests and experimentation and;
  • Evaluations of feasible security solutions applicable to sports operations

As the leading academic institution in the United States in sport safety and security, NCS4 works closely with universities, professional leagues, public safety officials, high schools, and open access events providing access to a vast network of potential customers, existing users, and their prospective companies and organizations.

RONIN Threat Detection Platform

The RONIN Threat Detection Platform is a smart walk through metal detector offering a threat analytics platform, software dashboard, location specific threat detection, reduced operational costs and high-volume patron throughput. Non-invasive passive scanning automatically pinpoints the location of a threat item on the patron’s front side, backside, bag or cavity; even when in a group. Data driven software based alerts provide assessment and classification Intel of detected threat event and can be pushed over the cloud to smart phone, tablet, or desktop. RONIN also supports multi-sensor fusion and assessments from sensor types such as seismic, acoustic, RF, ultrasound, thermal, RADAR, millimeter wave, chemical detectors, biometrics and more.


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