World's First Intelligent Threat Detection Platform

Deployed by the military now commercially ready with unmatched throughput rate, specific signature detection and covert deployments that integrate with legacy systems.


Threat Analytics

Proprietary sensors and signal processing algorithms create the most cutting edge threat detection system available on the market today.

RONIN Dashboard

Simple to use software enables staff to remotely monitor checkpoints. Detected threats are automaticly highlighted with a location specific box on the body superimposed over a live video feed.

Way Beyond a Metal Detector

Threat detection solutions are one-dimensional – they find metal or they don’t. RONIN is much smarter by looking for the signature of specific kinds of items and ignoring others.

3D Location Specific Detection

Automatic and pinpoint location of a threat on the front side, backside, bag or cavity even when the suspect is within a group.

Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent alerts provide accurate and clear threat assessment data with full logging providing forensic value.

IP Theft Protection

RONIN can be configured to detect more than weapons. It can look for specific signatures of items like hard drives and other portable media devices.



Installations can be hidden within walls, columns, doorframes, pole fixtures, external concrete pillars, retro-fitted legacy detection systems or other existing security infrastructure.

Every Entrance Secured

Install RONIN covertly with strategic placements in throughfares and secondary ingress points. Integrate remote defense in depth to your exisiting security infrastructure.

Portable or Permanent

Mobile units are transported in small hand-held containers and are capable of rapid deployment in under 30 minutes. Permanent installations can be integrated into existing security architecture allowing multiple points of entry to be remotely monitored.

Interoperable With Legacy Solutions

Expand capabilities of legacy solutions by integrating RONIN features.


Operational Efficency

Greatly reduce the risk and costs of ownership for threat detection systems. Get unmatched cost per scan, always on full automation, no operator required with remote monitoring and high throughput non-invasive scanning of patrons.

Always On, Remote Operation

RONIN never stops detecting threats with no operator required on site.

Military Deployments Now Commercial Ready

RONIN is military tested, vetted and deployed across the world in multiple theaters of operation. Now RONIN is available to provide advanced threat detection for commercial application at schools, government buildings, stadiums, museums, political rallies, amusements parks, and much more!

Unmatched Throughput

Don’t frustrate patrons with bottlenecked lines and invasive protocols. Only find what you are looking for with fast and location specific threat detection with throughput rates up to three times greater than traditional security methods.

Updates via Cloud

No major upgrade costs are required to update deployed RONIN systems. Cloud based software updates keep RONIN smart and agile ensuring your perimeter defense is always at the forefront of today’s security demands.

Simple Training

Training to setup and operate the RONIN system is simple and easy, requiring minimal time and resources.


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