World's First Intelligent Threat Detection Platform

Deployed by the military now commercially ready with unmatched throughput rate, specific signature detection and covert deployments that integrate with legacy systems.

RONIN Has Taken Flight Storming Beaches and Finding Mines with the US Navy

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Because Hard Drives Shouldn't Leave the Data Center

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“I believe the Ronin technology is cutting edge, and will take the security industry by storm.”

Specific Item Discovery.
Way beyond a Metal Detector.

Metal detectors are one-dimensional – they find metal or they don’t. RONIN can identify the unique signature of items like a proprietary hard drive found in a data center.

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3D Threat Detection.
Even in Crowds.

Automatic and pinpoint location of a threat on the front side, backside, bag or cavity even when the suspect is within a group.

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“(BDS) RONIN is a huge asset to increased physical security at Entry Control Points (ECPs), being very efficient, easy to operate and most importantly, effective in catching contraband.”


Covert Deployments.
Every Entrance Secure.

Installations can be hidden within walls, columns, doorframes, pole fixtures, external concrete pillars, retro-fitted legacy detection systems or other existing security infrastructure.

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We saw perimeter defense and threat detection solutions repeatedly fail to meet the needs of today’s security demands that force organizations to make unacceptable trade-offs between security and operational efficiency.

So we built RONIN, a security platform that protects your venue and ensures a smooth experience for your patrons. It covertly secures every access point around a perimeter and we made it incredibly easy to integrate with legacy systems.